Tilidine and tramadol

I would like to write down something about the indicated drugs and their effects as well as their addictive potential. I consumed cannabis for about 10 years and in 2011 I totally listened (except for 1-2x a year brownies / biscuits) to us wishing a clear life. Last year, I got Tramadol / Tramal / Tramagit etc. (all the same drug / brand name) and took a 100mg tablet as a whole because I was plagued by a flu with severe body aches. I did not know anything about Opioide before and just took it against the strong body aches.

The strong euphoric feeling of the pharmaceutical pain therapy group strikes in about an hour (for me) and who has no experience with euphoric agents, will love this feeling and appreciate. The feeling of levitation and euphoria lasted for hours in bed with music on headphones … I quickly realized after that night that I wanted to try it again. Every few weeks I got 1-2 tablets and took them without mixed consumption.

This type of drug has a high tolerance. So if I took it daily for a few days, the intoxication got weaker and weaker, but after a few days break it is like taking the whole thing for the first time. To the exhilaration and weightlessness, make the capsules very tired. A soothing night is therefore inevitable. I informed myself more and more about the whole and take since the end of last year Tildin to me.

I consume daily up to 500mg and crush the tablets (valoron 100mg) as well as the tramp, which ixh occasionally organize me to dust and take it with water. By squeezing the sustained-release capsules, the delaying effect is removed, which is also used to protect against addiction, and the intoxication of the tilidine begins within a maximum of 30 minutes. Tilidine and Tramal are very similar and belong to the same group of drugs. A mixed consumption is actually nonsensical but also carries no dangers, as far as I could tell from me.

Tilidine is twice as potent as tramal of the pain reliever and nowadays nalaxone is used to protect it from abuse. This decomposes completely in the stomach and can only be used for overdoses (from approx. 40 mg) of naloxone at once. I tried both of them and noticed again and again how addictive this “medicine” can do, especially if you abused them with crumbling. I find the feeling very pleasant of both and recommend Tilidin in the long term, because the side effects are much lower and the drug is more potent.

Nevertheless, Tramadol is also worth a diet. You should clearly take it here and there in not too high doses, if you want to make the experience. The stuff is highly addictive and the withdrawal from the tilidine can be somewhat like that of heroin. I recently had a shortage of about 4 days. The first two nights were absolute hell and I just wanted to get out of my body. A kind of heartburn and restlessness, as strong as I never had when Kiffen, I would have nothing … really extremely unpleasant and I had to fill the pear at least halfway to be able to sleep.

After these days, the first dose of 300mg of tramadol, which I gradually took as a powder, became fully effective. I mix tramal and tilidine with oral ibuprofen, which I think has a soothing effect like smoking. The night I slept like Snow White for over 15 hours. All the best …. but yes, the crap has the health side. It has a strong impact on the psyche and I do not like too much depression, which I have had for about 15 years anyway.

Also, the effect on the liver and other organs can be quite harmful. Contrary to all reports, I would like to say that I have not even tended to aggression by taking Tilidine. No matter, which dose I took .. In fitness training, however, Tilidine has a very positive effect. Small amounts let you train a lot harder and more concentrated … these are my experiences

My tip: who said he should try it, this should really only do here and there, since the addictiveness in abuse is not to be underestimated (at least in Tilidine). The feeling of euphoria and release from everything is super horny and I did not want to miss it, but it is not worth the health and I am determined to withdraw from it very soon. All the best and stay clean.